Reduce your liabilities

Telephony fraud is a multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise

Harden your systems using our real-time intelligence on IP-addresses, fraud vectors, test numbers and the numbers used to perpetrate fraud

Avoid awkward conversations with your customers about compromised systems and shock bills.

Flexible delivery

Portal, API or Download

Query our data through our easy to use portal, downloand and import it into your own systems, built queries with our own dataset or use our REST API.

A fully flexible approach that will allow you to benefit from our intelligence in whatever context or application your business needs.

Our REST API is designed to be low latency and resilient to be able to be accessed in call-setup without impacting your post-dial delay target.


We mine our own data

API Boutique runs dynamic honeypots around the world to identify, in real time, where threats are originating and how criminals are attempting to profit from compromised telecommunications equipment.

Traditionally, telcos have relied on reacting to reports of incidents that have already incurred losses. We know about threats in advance.

be part of a crime fighting community

We actually want this product to become unnecessary

Our users can submit their own intelligence, anonymised, to be analysed alongside our own mined data.’s capabilities are available, free of charge, to the academic and law enforcement communities.

We proactively alert data centres hosting equipment used by criminals and local law enforcement of illicit activity.

our intelligence, your decision

You choose your risk appetite

We return a proprietary risk score for IP addresses and dialled digits, which is updated in real-time. Our logic in reaching these scores is always wholly transparent to our customers.

You can decide, on a call by call or registration by registration attempt, based on what you know about your business and your customers, whether or not to allow the particular activity in question – our intelligence is more nuanced than other sources, giving you more power to adapt it to your particular needs.

A clear roadmap

One integration, many possibilities

Phase II is planned to integrate ‘do not call’ lists in various countries to aid compliance with local legislation for call centres.

SIP redirect, call whisper to the call centre agent, outbound call barring or integration with a number of major CRM systems all in the future of

accessible to all telcos

Pricing proportionate to need and scale

Our pricing isn’t a one-size-fits all affair. Our low entry point is designed especially for small telcos/ITSPs only needing static data periodically.

For the global players, we have options, including mirroring our database into on-site infrastructure.

One subscription covers all your group companies in all jurisdictions. Criminals don’t respect national boundaries or your chosen corporate structure, so we won’t restrict the use of our data that way, either.

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